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Hilton Head Island is a mixture of full-time residences and short-term vacation rentals. The Town of Hilton Head caters for long- and short-term island dwellers, sustaining and promoting the history and ambiance of this unique piece of South Carolina.


All beaches on Hilton Head Island are public, but many have private access like the beach in front of the Island Club. Here are some suggestions for other public-access beaches you may want to explore.


We hope that you enjoy Hilton Head Island beaches. The Town of Hilton Head Island has enacted a number of ordinances in order to keep our beaches clean and family friendly. The current beach regulations can be found at the Town’s website.

Showing location of the Island Club on Hilton Head Island map

Hilton Head Island is not just beaches and golf, we have culture! The Office of Cultural Affairs supports a vibrant and diverse cultural community that is celebrated locally, regionally and nationally. This includes traditional fine arts as well as traditional, ethnic, and folk art, music, the history and heritage of the island, landmarks, parks, and natural resources. Their website includes an up-to-date calendar of events on the island

Hilton Head Island’s history goes back to 8000BC. Yes, you read that right – 8,000 BC. The “modern” era started in 1500AD with European explorers. Through plantation, Civil War, Reconstruction, 20th century development, up to today, the island has consistently evolved with our country’s history. A good starter guide to our history can be found on the Town’s website.

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