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We support almost contactless check-in by using a numeric keypad on the unit’s front door. We’ll send your personal code a few days before check-in.

The only person you’ll interact with is the gatehouse security member of staff who will give you your parking pass when you first arrive. Just tell the staff member your name and unit number 4306 for the pass. It needs to be displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard whenever you are on the property. The pass will also have the numeric gate code on its back to use if you return to the property late at night.

Drive straight forwards after the security gate, across a bridge, to a stop sign. Turn right and then immediate left into the Neptune buildings 4-6. We are in building 4 on the left.

Parking is free – just find an open spot and use it.

Each building has an elevator in its middle in addition to two stairwells. There are numerous hotel porter style luggage carts parked throughout the three Neptune buildings. The nearest stairwell is fairly close to the condo; we tend to park at the end of Neptune building 4 and use the stairwell up to the third floor.

The front door has a numeric deadbolt. Simply enter your personal code to open the door. Your code will be sent to you before your trip.

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