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The unit is equipped to cook as many meals as you want. There are several grocery stores on the island. Some (pre-Covid-19) are open 24 hours a day, while the others have good hours seven days a week. The following are larger with a big enough selection to stock up for your stay.

  1. Whole Foods Market (2.7 miles)
    50 Shelter Cove Ln
  2. Kroger (3.0 miles)
    42 Shelter Cove Ln
  3. Harris Teeter (3.7 miles)
    301 Main St
  4. Walmart (4.0 miles)
    25 Pembroke Dr
  5. Publix (4.0 miles)
    45 Pembroke Dr
  6. Piggly Wiggly (7.4 miles)
    1 North Forest Beach Dr

Saturday and Sunday late afternoon and evenings during the Summer can be very busy in the grocery stores as these are the common “turn-over” days with everyone shopping for groceries. You may want to consider just getting just the essentials for your arrival night and the next morning, and then doing the bigger shop during the following morning when the stores will be less crowded.

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