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The main room and both bedrooms have Hargray cable TV. The channel line-up is similar in all rooms, except that the main room appears to have more HD channels.

The cable set-top boxes and the TVs have their own remotes. Both have to be on to see anything. The cable remotes are multi-device and so it can be a little confusing trying to turn everything on to watch your favorite program. We recommend just turning the TV on/off with the TV’s remote and leave the cable boxes on all the time – just makes it a little easier.

Family Room TV

The TV has a red light at the lower when it is off. When the TV is on this light disappears. The cable box is turned on and off with its remote control – when it is on a small circular power symbol lights up to the far left of the clock.

The TV is connected to the cable box using the “HDMI1” input source.

Bedroom TVs

Both bedroom cable set-top boxes support parental controls. You can enable these controls if you want, we just ask that you remember to turn them off for the next guest. To turn parental controls on:

  • Press blue “Menu” button on the Hargray remote
  • Scroll down to the “Parental Controls” menu item, press Ok/Sel
  • When prompted enter the password (ask us for it separately, we’re not going to put it on the Internet for the tech savvy child to find)
  • You can control by rating, by channels, or both
  • Turn on whichever method(s) you want and then define what the room occupants can and cannot see.

Master Bedroom TV

The Master Bedroom TV is a smart TV. The “Source” button can be used to select between HDMI 1 for the cable set-top box, or “TV” for the smart TV. This pulls down TV channels through the Internet, some of which are esoteric.

If you use your own streaming application credentials then remember to log out before you leave.

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