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Welcome to our condo in Hilton Head Island, SC, just steps away from the beach. This page contains the essential information about the condo itself.

Front door lock

The numeric deadbolt makes it easy to get in and out of the unit without needing to keep track of a key. The lock has a simple twist knob inside to lock the unit when you are inside. The lock can be locked from the outside by entering your personal code, or, more simply, pressing the lock button.

At night, press the lock button at the top to illuminate the keypad keys when unlocking the door.

If your access code has two repeated digits (e.g. a “2” followed by another “2”) then enter these digits with a slight pause between them so that the lock can recognize the separate key presses.


Probably the most important requirement, especially for younger family members, after a long journey is to connect to the Internet. The unit has its own cable modem/Wi-Fi router by the family room TV. The network credentials are labelled at the top of the modem but in case some family members can’t wait that long, they are:

Network name: IC_4306
Password: islandclub


The unit has a central thermostat. Set the temperature to what makes you comfortable. Note that there are ceiling fans in each room that add to the condo’s comfort. The system should not be set below 72 Fahrenheit. Any lower and it is likely that the whole system will freeze requiring it to shut off, thaw, reset and then start back up. This can take hours.

The system is sized to keep the unit at a comfortable temperature assuming the doors are kept closed. South Carolina is very, very hot in the Summer and if the front or patios doors are left open the cooling system will struggle to keep up. The system is not sized to cool the whole of the island, please choose between cooling and opening the doors to smell the ocean air.

Ceiling lights and fans

The family room and both bedrooms have ceiling fan/light combinations. They are controlled by separate remote controls that are in wall-mounted holsters next to the power switches.

Please return the remotes to the right holsters before leaving.

The electrical switch closest to the door (front door for the family room) turns the unit on and off. Neither the fan nor the light functions when the unit is off.

The electrical switch next to the main on/off switch toggles the light:

  • If the light is currently off then flipping the switch will turn it on
  • If the light is currently on then flipping the switch will turn it off

The bedrooms have a third switch, furthest away from the door. This switch controls the bedside lights.


We provide the bed linens and bathroom towels for your stay. The pull-out sofa’s linens are stored in a separate container in a closet if they are needed. We ask that you help our cleaners by stripping the beds and leaving the linens on the bed or floor.

We provide four beach towels as a courtesy for use at the pool or on the beach if you forget to bring your own. We ask that you wash and dry the towels and return them to the storage bin before leaving as they cannot be washed with the other linens and towels by our cleaner.


There is a TV in the main family room and in each bedroom. The bedroom TVs receive a subset of the channels available in the Family room. There is a separate freestanding TV channel guide by the TV in additional to the TV and Music channel guides in the unit’s printed manual.

Detailed information for how to use the TVs

Trash & Recycling

There is a shared dumpster for the Neptune buildings. With your back to the ocean the dumpsters will be by the parking lot to your left, at the end of building 6.

Saturday is the major turn-over day for the island. This means that the dumpsters fill up on Friday evening and Saturday morning. If you have an amount of trash and are leaving during the weekend it is advisable to take the trash out Thursday evening or Friday morning. A contractor empties the dumpsters on Monday.

Recycling is limited on Hilton Head Island. Essentially just glass, plastic and aluminum. There are separate containers for aluminum cans and green bins for general recycling by the trash dumpsters.

Kitchen notes

The kitchen has enough for most chefs, whether simple microwaving, frying eggs and bacon for breakfast, or more elaborate stir-fry and baking cuisine. There is an electric kettle for boiling water fast as well as a Keurig and filter drip coffee maker.

The icemaker in the freezer has an on/off switch on the unit. If you want ice from the freezer please turn it on when you arrive and turn it off before you leave.

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